Pay with IOTA with ease now

Why Is It Special

Easy to integrate

We have open source libraries that are easy to install and update via the most popular dependency managers.


IOTA Tangle facilitates free transactions and we like to keep it that way. Now and forever, thanks to the community.


Since the libraries are open source, it's easy to customise your designs on top of the core designs.

Are you a developer?

Well hello amigo, we've got the open source libraries for developers to build onto or directly use in your own IOTA Tangle project.
If you wish to contribute to the libraries itself, please find our github repo below and read the contributing guidelines before jumping in.


Open Source Contribution

If you are not a developer and still want to contribute to the project, you can send us donations at this IOTA address. As thanks, we will add your name to the donors list, which we will publish soon. Click on the button on the right to copy the address. You can use any wallet app or exchange to conduct the transfer.


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